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How to Spend October in the Netherlands

As the leaves begin to change color and pumpkin season rolls in, it is time to celebrate the month of fall. October is by far one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is it the month of Halloween, it is also one of the most eventful moments in The Netherlands. Here are a few ways that you can make the most of October!

Take a Trip to Limburg

Every year, my family takes a trip down to Limburg to see the leaves change color. Located in the South of the Netherlands, Limburg is by far my favorite province of the country. Unlike other regions of the Netherlands, Limburg is characterized by hilly landscapes and a distinct Limburgs dialect. The city of Maastricht is in fact located within this beautiful province. 

With its charming cities, intriguing mines and historic tourist points, Limburg is an ideal place to spend a weekend away in the Netherlands. It is also home to the famous Limburgse vlaai, which is a pie filled with different varieties of fruit fillings, including strawberry, cherry, apricot and plum. 

If you visit Limburg in October, you will also get to see the beautiful hills colored in all kinds of shades of brown and green. With its Southern hospitality and distinct charm, Limburg is the perfect place to visit in October. 

Crossing Border The Hague

It is also in October that the famous Crossing Border festival is held in The Hague. This festival is one of the main international literature and music festivals in Europe! It is an event that gathers writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers and artists from all over the world. From 29 Oct-4 Nov, "Crossing Border invites compelling contemporary and alternative authors and musicians from all over the world, who share a passion for spoken word, lyrics and language."

Make sure to get your tickets and book your places for the festival!

Apple Picking at De Olmenhorst

If you really want to get into the October mood, you must go apple picking at De Olmenhorst! Located in the center of Randstad, nearby Amsterdam and Haarlem, this estate is in easy reach. De Olmenhorst, which began as an agricultural business in 1854, has now developed into an entire fruit orchard business. From September-October, the estate opens its orchards to the public, and offers the chance to pick ripe apples and pears. 

To wrap up your experience, make sure to stop by the Country Store, where you can purchase a variety of organic, home-grown products. You can also grab a bite in the Apple Cafe, where you can enjoy seasonal products from the region.


When I think of October, Halloween is one of the first things that comes to mind. Whether it be carving pumpkins, eating Halloween candy, finding the best outfits or going to a party, this holiday is one I look forward to all year. Here are a few things you can do in the Netherlands to celebrate this important day:

1. Costume Shopping

Good news! The Netherlands is filled with different costume stores. In Amsterdam particularly, there are plenty of party shops to check out. You can also order a costume online at

2. Find a Party

Another way to get you into the Halloween mood, is to attend one of the many parties in the Netherlands. No matter which city you live in, the clubs will be guaranteed to host a Halloween party. Make sure to check out Facebook and keep updated with all events in your city!

3. Go Pub Hopping

If you are looking for something different than a club, why not check out a pub? If you live in The Hague, Brody's American Taphouse will be hosting its very own Halloween Night on October 27! If you come dressed in matching outfits with your friends, the Taphouse will offer you a free beer! The night will be filled with haunted cocktails, snacks, decorations and a DJ!

Bring on the Fall Season!

From apple picking to cultural festivals, October will a fun-packed month in the Netherlands. Make sure to take advantage of the cool events and locations around you!

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Nijmegen Studentenstad

Nijmegen biedt jou de ideale mix voor een onvergetelijke studententijd. In een dynamische, Nijmegense studententijd waarbij elke dag anders is, houden wij voor jou het overzicht. Wij bieden: het laatste studentennieuws, feestjes, de beste kamers, de leukste bijbanen en alles wat je verder moet weten tijdens je studententijd in Nijmegen.

Studeren in Nijmegen

Ga jij studeren in Nijmegen? De basis van je studententijd is het kiezen van de onderwijsinstelling en studie die bij jou past.

Werken in Nijmegen

Ga je in Nijmegen studeren? Dan wil je vast werken naast je studie en misschien moet je ook wel een stage lopen. Ben je op zoek naar een leuke bijbaan in of rondom Nijmegen en de beste studiegerelateerde stages?

Wonen in Nijmegen

Er zijn heel veel redenen om in Nijmegen te studeren en wonen tijdens je studententijd. Nijmegen is een gezellige stad waar altijd wel iets te doen is.


Studeren en het bijbehorende studentenleven is leuk, maar het kost hartstikke veel geld.

Vrije tijd in Nijmegen

Na een dag hard studeren en colleges volgen heb je wel wat ontspanning verdiend. Dat komt goed uit, want er is altijd wel wat leuks te doen in Nijmegen Studentenstad.

Gezondheidszorg in Nijmegen

Tot vroeg in de ochtend bier drinken in de kroeg, weinig slapen en ongezond eten. Het studentenleven in Nijmegen staat niet bekend om haar gezonde levensstijl.